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Pick one of the supported servers. Currently our website is supporting official NCWest servers: Chronos, Naia, Freya and Innova servers: EU Skelth, EU Ramona and EU Core. Please be advised that our prices of game currency depend on the supply and demand and might vary from server to server. Our stock comes from verified suppliers, we do not use any malicious third-party software to obtain it.
Choose your Adena package
After selecting server just choose a package. Packages are ranging from 1 to 50 billion adena (10-500 million on Classic EU Skelth). The bigger the amount the better value you’ll get. If we have enough adena in stock, after selecting the amount you can proceed to the payment.
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You can pay for your adena using various methods. Our website is supported by G2A payment gate which allows you to pay with credit card, via Paypal, Web Money, Skrill, Bitcoins and more.
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Our Customer Service is top-notch. After you buy L2 adena we receive the payment, please contact our support at Livechat and we will deliver your order via in-game Auction House as soon as possible. Livechat is open at our business hours from 6am to 11pm CEST, and it’s faster than sending a message to our email address. Doesn’t matter if you are.
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Delivery Once payment is processed we will instantly deliver you the ordered amount. We are not delivering the adena via mail or face-to-face (except Skelth server). To make the delivery as secure and instant as possible we will deliver the requested adena via the Auction House. Method is very simple: you will set up any item for the amount specified by us (we are covering the fee) and we’ll buy it, so you get the full mount. To reduce fee costs we require the item to be set as one-day transaction. Buy Lineage 2 Adena today customer, choose the quantity, our almost instant delivery time is really short, and we have the cheapest price in the business! Register, become a user, or a seller and log in to the best site, where you will reach the top really fast.

Close to Global Accessibility

Doesn’t matter if you are from United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Myanmar, Brazil, Czech, Philippines, even if you’re American, Russian or from North or South Korea. As long as you know english, and play online, playing on one of the servers on which our services are available, and you bought an amount of Lineage II currency, you can consider your purchase completed. Adena will be delivered to every member of our community almost instantly, so you can enjoy your Adena coins.

Security and Safety

L2Stock is based upon safety and security beyond all to ensure that NCSoft won’t know you purchased something outside of Lineage 2, which doesn’t mean that the final experience won’t be fast. We value your time that you could spend leveling in Lineage 2 Classic. Simply select the offer, purchase the product, take your character from your roster of dark elves, and put one of your items on the market for sale. One of our professional sellers will end up buying your lineage 2 items for the price specified in terms between client and our website. Our role is to make sure that purchasing our Adena will have the best adena/money rating, so you will save as much Adena from this trade as possible, making our total store content and its volume truly glorious and popular.

Reception of Our System

If it’s not that easy to gain your trust - you can find a large amount of reviews in regards to our services, written by people who were or were not satisfied with our offers. A lot reviews confirm, that our service is one of the best. Players leave our website satisfied. As long as you put the Adena in your cart at a reasonable time, when we are available, your Adena will get transferred on the same day guaranteed. While we are certainly not perfect, we are quite special, you can read a review about, registered people send them all the time about our service. Clients return, including new ones enter all the time creating new accounts, making orders on one of the most trusted and safe websites in this business in 2019, even though this great mmorpg has been out for so many years.

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Create an account, check in and become an active member of our community. Each respective customer will leave our site. We may not know your story, or names of our customers that follow our website. We are all humans and well... we love gaming and trading in the games that we play. Be a member of growing Lineage 2 Classic Community Today