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Lineage 2 Skelth Adena - What is

L2Stock provides service in a broad market of Skelth Adena exchange. Our providers spend hours on Lineage 2, devoting their lives to hours of efficient Adena farming - to sell it then on websites with services similar to ours.

As a company - we understand your needs cuz we are in the same place as you. We are gamers, busy with day-to-day responsibilities that search for a way of enjoying our favorite games without much commitment to grinding, farming, etc. Seeing some flaws in other sites - we chose to create a website with better rates and offers to suit the needs of modern gamers.

A lot of transactions were made on this site, and you can find numerous reviews about the quality of our service. We appreciate all the feedback, positive reviews bring more people to our site, sometimes creating long-term partnerships with clients, and negative ones help us improve our website to be more reliable and user-friendly.

We’ve done everything to ensure, that our clients get the most Skelth Adena possible for an affordable amount of money. We reduced taxes and fees to the minimum value so you can get Adena for a better price than on other sites. Moreover, the more Adena you purchase in a single transaction, the better the rate of the exchange. More Adena = better rates.

What about Payment Methods?

Our site uses G2A PAY system, which means that we are partnered with a variety of money transfer systems. You will be able to use Paypal, PaySafeCard, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, etc.

Lineage 2 Skelth Adena - Delivery, Support, and Contact

As soon as your purchase goes through to our account, you will be able to contact your Skelth Adena provider through our Live-chat. Then you can both figure out the details on the exchange. After you’ve discussed the time and server, all you have to do is to set up a random item on the Auction House for the amount Adena that you’ve ordered.

Remember to set your item on one-day sale, so you will get the most Adena possible from the exchange as the tax will be on the lowest level. Even if you don’t remember to do that - don’t worry. We care about your purchase and we will remind you about it after you make that mistake.

Our Website has a contact form for you to fill up every time you would like to ask a question, or report a bug, and if you would like to send your suggestions about our site - we would appreciate too. Send us an email and we will answer every question, and respond to every suggestion as soon as possible.

Use Our Skelth Adena Services Today and Finally Enjoy The Game

If you want to get to the endgame of Lineage 2 as soon as possible, skipping the mindless grind and finally enjoying the experience, then our site is one of the best choices in the business.

We hope that every purchase you make on our website will be satisfactory for you. We made sure everything on our website is reliable and user-friendly. Numerous reviews and all the feedback we have gotten through all those years helped us improve our services. And even if we are not perfect now, with your help - we will prosper.

You - the customer and a gamer - hold all the power in this service. We are just here to ensure that you will get what you deserve.

Why Would You Need Lots of Skelth Adena?

As mentioned above, Lineage 2 is a very grind-heavy experience. There are lots of pieces of equipment that you can wear and each one has to be obtained one way or another. Throughout all levels, you will need to get better equipment every time you reach a certain milestone.

Your items have grades, ranging from D to A. To get the best items you will have to make use of the complicated crafting system that this game offers. Getting materials is a very hard task on its own, and they’re not everything that is needed to craft an item. You will need a recipe and an experienced blacksmith, that can be found only in Dwarf players ranks.

Recipes and materials can be “farmed” from certain monsters, to get the best items you will have to either reach high-tier areas that will be impossible for you if you don’t have the right gear or buy everything from other players. Have in mind that certain recipes and materials are extremely rare.

Experienced Blacksmiths are not hard to find, but finding a blacksmith willing to help you can be tricky if you are not a part of a guild, that the blacksmith is in. If you don’t have any blacksmith guild members you will have to search for someone on the All-chat. And trust me - no one will do it for free.

Either way, you will need to have some money in your bank for lots of reasons. You can spend some time grinding for everything but it’s all about RNG. You can get a piece for your recipe in 5 minutes, and you might not get it at all during your whole Lineage 2 journey. Or you can spend some money for materials and a recipe. And then spend some more if you don’t have any blacksmiths in your friend list. Or you can just use your enormous quantity of Adena to just find the item on the auction, and get it without any stress. And that enormous quantity - you can get from us.

But why should you consider buying in-game currency that can be easily gained when you are playing the game? Well, the trick is about the word “easily”. Cuz it’s not easy. It’s tedious and boring, and getting to the mid-end game can take you a whole year of consistent, day-to-day farming. It’s tedious, and it prevents you from actually enjoying the game. Take a look at this…

Farm Adena by Yourself in Lineage 2? It’s hard?

Korean MMORPG games are hard, especially for new players. Lineage 2 is one of those games. Here, you will grind monsters for hours upon hours, spending months getting to the end-game content. Basically - you are stuck doing the same thing over and over again just to get better gear, to repeat every activity. It can really pull you away from this game.

Farming money can be fun, it’s a part of the game after all. Economy can be a major part of the game, that will make the difference between a good game and a bad game. You can play the game as it was intended by creators.

Here are some of the latest ways of making money:

10-day Adventure Quest - This quest will net you some useful stuff. You will get the best rewards if you manage to do all 20 quests in this 10-day period. You should be able to do these quests easily, as each one is fit to your capabilities. Which means that it gets harder with each level. Kartia’s (group and solo) - You can speak with a researcher npc, and do these missions

Fishing - You can net some Adena by fishing. While it seems tedious - it can be done AFK, so when you are busy - you can keep fishing. Things you get from this activity can be sold, or turned in to a special NPC, that excels at collecting fishing-related items.

Coin Gathering - There are unique coins that you can collect in this game. Doing things like fishing, guild sieges, even killing bosses will get you more and more coins that you will be able to exchange for Adena

Auction House Trading - Trading is one of the most common ways to make money. Search for various goods on the market, look for people that are quick-selling their stuff, buy things below their market price, sell them for a normal or higher price. It can take a lot of time to actually find something cheap to buy, but if you get the opportunity - you can get some easy money.

Pay Attention to Events - Events are important for every MMORPG community. Events not only keep players interested in the game, making community healthier, but they also offer a limited time to get special items and make some money. Some events - if you are lucky - will make you progress really fast, in such a manner that you will feel like you’ve traveled a few months of active play into the future. Take your time during the event and focus on making money that way.

Grinding - You can kill monsters in the open world with your party, or just go solo. Kill enemies, and pick up anything they drop. Besides normal items and some raw Adena, you might get some rare items that you will either be able to use on your gear, to make yourself stronger, or sell everything to other players for more Adena.

In our opinion, currently - these are the most efficient ways of making money in Lineage 2. These activities can be fun, but if you don’t like tedious, hard work - none of these activities might be right for you. Some people hate fishing, some hate grinding, and some just don’t like repeatable quests, where you have to grind as well.

Progressing in Lineage 2, that is a classic old-school Korean MMORPG requires lots of time and money. If your character isn’t capable of grinding efficiently - as 90% of Korean MMORPGS are grind-heavy - your grind will be as tedious as repeatable daily quests. You play Lineage 2 to have fun, not to work again like you would in real life.

Why should you work hard in your game just to enjoy the game’s content in a few months? If you are searching for something more, then you came to the right place.

About Lineage 2

Lineage II is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, developed and published by Korean company NCsoft in the year 2003. This title is a prequel to, published in 1998, Lineage: The Bloodpledge, an isometric 2d game similar to Ultima Online and Diablo, that was as well developed by NCsoft. Formerly, a subscription-based game, then on November 30, 2011, with the release of Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction NCsoft went for free-to-play with a little pay to win business model, with a premium shop for players that were willing to pay with real money for some in-game advantage.

While the game isn’t as popular as developed around the same time World of Warcraft, it certainly refused to die. Both official and private servers are alive and well, even in 2019. Lineage 2 is a classic old-school Korean MMORPG. Character progression is heavily dependant on RNG, resources like time and money used for long hours of grinding.

This is why Lineage 2 is not for casual gamers. There is always school, work, sons and daughters, social life, it’s hard to find time to play this MMORPG on a high level. Well, it could be easier to do all that if you were be able to invest some money into your progression. This is the moment where our services come to play, welcome to

Skelth is one of the first official classic servers even tho it’s not supported by NCSoft. Skelth is released by 4Game a.k.a “Innova”, a Russian publisher that have obtained the rights to host Lineage 2 server. Apart from being a “classic” server, Skelth has limited item-shop but requires a subscription to play.

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